"Echo Valley 2-6809" lyrics - THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY

"Echo Valley 2-6809"
(Rupert Holmes & Kathy Cooper)

We grew up together with ferris wheels and sunshine laughter
A rainbow love that lasted after the rain
Now we're separated and I've become a lonely runner
And when I rest, I hurt and I wonder if I'll ever see you again

Echo Valley 2-6809
I used to call that number all the time
But the last time that I called you
We hung up cryin'
Echo Valley 2-6809
I can see it clearly in my mind
But I'm scared to call 'cause it's been
Such a long, long time

Never been much for writin', 'cause what do you say to a dream that's dyin'
A fragile lifeline that's untyin', oh, no...oh, no
I can't face the sunrise...lightin' up a road to nowhere
Where you are...I have to go there...Are you waitin'...I've got to know


Echo Valley 2-6809
I gotta call that number one more time
'Cause I've just got to know if you're still mine

[David:] 'Hello, operator? Get me Echo Valley 2-6809'
[Operator:] 'You have reached a disconnected number'


Echo Valley 2-6809
I shoulda called that number
Echo Valley 2-6809
I shoulda called that number