"Private Life" lyrics - THE PRETENDERS

"Private Life"

Your private life drama baby leave me out [3x]

J'ai les glands with your theatrics
Your acting's a drag
It's ok on tv 'cause you can turn it off
But don't try me
Yes your marriage is a tragedy
But it's not my concern
I'm very superficial I hate anything official

Your private life drama baby leave me out [3x]
[Backup Chorus:]
You've been lying to someone and now me
Stop [3x]

Your sentimental gestures only bore me to death
You've made a desperate appeal now save your breath
Attachment to obligation through guilt and regret
Shit that's so wet
And your sex life complications are not my fascinations


You asked me for advice I said use the door
But you're still clinging to somebody you deplore
And now you wanna use me for emotional blackmail
I just feel pity when you lie, contempt when you cry