"Then I Met You" lyrics - THE PROCLAIMERS

"Then I Met You"

Thought that I'd be happy
Gonna be so happy living life alone
And never sharing anything

Thought that I was finished, Thought that I was complete
Thought that I was whole instead of being half of something
Thought that I was growing, growing older
Wiser, understanding why this world hold nothing for my spirit
Thought that I was destined, destined to be nothing, destined
To be nothing in this world and then I Met You.

I Met You

Thought that God had failed me
Thought my prayers ware useless
Thought that he would never give the chance for me to praise him
Thought the book was written
Thought the game had ended
Thought the song was sung and I could never sing another
Thought my faith was misplaced
Thought my back was broken

Broken by a weight that I was never fit to carry
Thought I knew this city, thought I knew all about It
And then one night I went to Morningside and you were waiting
Then I Met You.