"Staring At The Rude Boys" lyrics - THE RUTS

"Staring At The Rude Boys"

It's a very small world in the middle of a crowd
The room gets dark when the music get's loud
Treble cuts thru when the rhythm takes the bite
But there's no room to move 'cause the floor is packed tight

A voice shouts loud "we'll never surrender!"
A voice in the crowd "never surrender!"
A head in the clouds, blind propaganda
"Never surrender, we'll never surrender!"

The skins in the corner are staring at the bar
The Rude Boys are dancing to some heavy heavy ska
It's getting so hot people 're dripping with sweat
The punks in the corner are speeding like a jet

Staring at the Rude Boys, staring at the Rude Boys
Dancing with the Rude Boys, dancing with the Rude Boys
Staring at the Rude Boys, staring at the Rude Bo-hoys

A bunch of BM's march in on DM's
And some standing there saluting the air
They wanna be pirates but the sea is not calm
Tattooed crossbones on their arms

A voice shouts loud "we'll never surrender"
A voice in the crowd "never surrender"
Another head bowed, blind propaganda, propaganda, propaganda

The lights come alive in a blinding flash
Dancefloor clears as the victims clash
Everyone leaves when the heavies arive
Someone hits the floor, someone takes a dive

Staring [etc]
We'll never surrender [8x]