"Pharmaceuticals" lyrics - THE SILENCERS


Take a pill from its shiny suit
Just expose it to your tongue
You're free will, you're individual
You're strong and proud and young
Take a pill, take a Vitamin C
In a timed torpedo form
Take a room in a monastery
We can boogie on till dawn

Take a pill

Stop a headache, stop a mistake
We can rule the Western world
Take a pill or a capsule
They're as valuable as pearls
We've got tactics with hypnotics
That can change your state of mind
There's a pill that can make you smile
At an aforementioned time

Take a pill

I could throw you away
But I know you're going to be
An invalauble friend
When life gets on top of me
Gets on top of me
Gets on top of me

Take a pill from the magic jar
That has stood the test of time
Take an orange or a lemon
Or a purple or a lime
Keep them hidden from the children
Just in case of accidents
Keep them ready in your pockets
Just in case of strange events

Take a pill
Take a pill
Take a pill