"When The Night Comes Down" lyrics - THE SILENCERS

"When The Night Comes Down"

On the morning of our love
We could do no wrong
And we were so young and so free
That there was no doubting
Yes, we came to live in this place
From the shoreline to the town
Now the lights go on in the West
When the night comes down

Well, we came with nothing but hope
And busy dreams
And we built a castle of glass
With our great machines
And we grew so strong and so proud
In our rooms above the ground
Now we talk ourselves to sleep
When the night comes down

Now the boys are marching tonight
To an ancient tune
And the boys are melting their lives
In a kitchen spoon
And the King of Love is locked up
In machine gun downtown
Another sacrificial cup
When the night comes down

When at last my coat comes off
And the dust is dead
I can take your hands so soft
When the day is ended
And we'll try to set ourselves free
From this unreal city sound
And you'll lie with me my love
When the night comes down