"The Heartbreaker" lyrics - THE SOUTHER HILLMAN FURAY BAND

"The Heartbreaker"

You want to make up the rules as you go, you think he plays too rough
But you could have all the luck in the world and man it might not be enough
He's got a star on his shoulder, but you can see it's a cheat
The heartbreaker, he's a hard one to beat
It makes you mad to see him win, but the girls keep comin' around
He plays dirty and he plays for keeps, but he's got that magic sound
A song and a suitcase and a rodeo smile, the heartbreaker, just a picture of style
Your lady loves hime, she's waitin' in school, I guess he's everything you want to be
But then, how you gonna make him look like a fool, he's got a vision you can't even see
He's mister deliver, he never let's you down and now the lifewrecker is comin' to town