"Hat And Boots" lyrics - THE STATLER BROTHERS

"Hat And Boots"
(Don Reid)

If that old hat I wore could only talk
And tell some of the things that he has seen
There's stories that would fill it to the brim
If that old hat could tell it all again

If those old boots I wore could write a song
And tell some of the places they have been
'Cause they've been kicked and scuffed and left behind
Ah those boots have got a shine in their time

[Guitar + Dobro]

Then I could say that it was them
Rememberin' and not me
The first time I saw her
The last time she saw me
The feelin' of her fingers
The dimple in her chin
It would be so much easier
To put it all on them

Now hat if you ain't ashamed of what you've seen
And boots if you still ain't scared of the dark
If we get a chance to go back where we've been
Hat and boots we'll do it all again
Ah,hat and boots we'll do it all again