"I Wish I Could Be" lyrics - THE STATLER BROTHERS

"I Wish I Could Be"
(Don Reid)

I wish I could be in Knoxville tonight so I wouldn't worry if you were all right
And you wouldn't wonder where I spent the night
If I could only be in Knoxville tonight
I wish I could be in St Paul today and watch you get dressed and ready for your day
And tell you some things I know you've been told
If I could get the St Paul before it gets cold
I wish I could sleep tonight in Little Rock
But then we never did go too much by the clock
But I don't remember here and you ever complain
I'd sleep tonight in Little Rock if I could fly a plane
I'd give everything I have if things had just begun
You were lying there in North Caolina sun
Every thing we had was still yet to be Carolina you sure does the best of me