"Monday Morning Secretary" lyrics - THE STATLER BROTHERS

"Monday Morning Secretary"
(Don Reid)

She leaves home at eight a little bit late a little bit tired of it all
She unlocks the doors and does so much more than what she gets credit for
She opens the mail straightens up without fail last Friday evening's mess
She makes brand new coffee though her head's hurtin' awfully
By nine she's looking her best
And Monday comes dawning the world wakes up yawning
And Friday seems so far away
But there bright and early Monday morning secretary you sure do look pretty today


At ten there's a break she don't always take just time for a powder and smoke
A salesman comes in looks her over end to end and tells her a new dirty joke
She laughs off his pass like she's done in the past she knows all those lines so well
Then at five she goes home to her cat and two rooms
And cries 'cause she's lonely as hell
And Monday comes dawning...
You sure do look pretty today