"Pictures" lyrics - THE STATLER BROTHERS

(Lew DeWitt / Don Reid)

Here's the picture that we took in Cincinnati
The time we saw that big leauge baseball game
Here's the picture that we took in Printer's Alley
Down in Nashville when we met old what's his name
Here's one of me in my old '60 Chevy
The one that let us down in Baltimore
Here's the best one that I ever seen of Betty
And can you believe the dresses that you wore
Here's the picture that we took at graduation
I'm so glad you talked me out of quittin' school
Here I am when I worked at the filling station
And here's one of Ernie actin' like a fool
Here's the last one that we ever took of daddy
We tried hard to make him smile but he never did
And here's one I caught of you when you weren't ready
And here I am when I was just a kid
Oh sweetheart it's so much fun to be reminded
Of how we used to look and what we used to do
And each time we make a memory I'm reminded
I can't picture me with no one else but you

Here's a pose of you that looked so sweet and lovely
That's the way I pictured you right from the start
And here's a picture of you being close beside me
That's the picture that I carry in my heart
Oh sweetheart it's so much fun...