"The Star" lyrics - THE STATLER BROTHERS

"The Star"
(D. Reid)

He stands in the wings, as the lights begin to dim
Gettin' up for the people before they get up for him
He's worried if he's up tonight to what they all expect
Then he touches somethin' metal that hangs around his neck
He paces for a moment, then someone calls his name
The lights search to find him, he walks to his domain
He bows to the people and smile as they all cheer
Then rocks to the music of the songs they came to hear
He's a star, he's worked hard and he's gone far, he's star
Yes they all who you are, you are star
He knows all the words, he learned them all by heart
But his mind begins to wonder as each song begins to starts
He thinks about his wife at home takin' care of his kids
The time they never seem to have the things that all did
He wonders "Is it worth it all, the money and the lights?"
He give it all up gladly to just be home tonight
The applause breaks his train of through, the spot has him embraced
And the tears and the sweat melt together in his face
He's a star, yes they all know who you are you're a star
He's worked hard and he's gone far, you're a star
The crowd would come to listen to him each time in vast
But inside he has to wonder how long that this will last
Tomorrow someone new will and they may follow him
No one seems to care about a star that's growing dim
He's knows carpenters can drive their nails until they're sixty-five
Bookkeepers add up figures just as long as they're alive
But he wonders about his future and all it all will end
Will he die across the footlights or in a home without a friend
Like a star, you've worked hard and you've gone far, you're a star
Yes they all know who you are you're a star
He walks to the mike, takes it in his hand
Smiles to the people, nods to the band
These things that make him sick inside will wait a minute more
Right now the most important thing is taking his encore
He's a star, yes they all know who you are
You're a star,...But God knows who you are...