"Fire" lyrics - THE WINERY DOGS


We're struggling with everything
And I don't understand who we are
Sometimes I wanna run from me
And find an end to it in your arms
Running dry, and I feel so numb
I could try (try) but I don't know what it's for

We are fire and nothing but ashes remain
We are fire and I don't know how to explain, do you?

Put me in a confessional
You won't learn anything you don't know
I'm fine with losing everything
Because I've got nowhere left to go
Yeah I'm wild, I'm the beginning to your end
Baby smile (smile) let's be lovers and pretend

We are fire, and ashes remain in our place
We are fire, we're nothing that time can't erase

In this portentous lie that is you and I
How do we secede?
I've got money on it, it's all a dream

Yeah I'm wild (wild) and I will not be tamed
(Wild) we are wild, who are we to blame

We are fire and ashes are all that remain
We are fire and I've got nothing left to claim
We are fire, I'm nothing but another face
(that you'll replace)
(We are fire) we're nothing that can't be replaced
(can't be replaced)
(We are fire) yeah we laugh it off
Are you laughing with me?
(We are fire) or are you laughing at me?
(We are fire) but you know it's true. We are fire
I've got money on it. It's all a dream
It's all right we're surviving