"Sham" lyrics - THE YOUNGBLOODS


If you wanna be somebody
There's gotta be a now baby
And if you wanna see somebody
You gotta see me now

You gotta see me now just like I am
Garden rose cut a little out of sym
You gotta strip off your disguises
Let me let me let me come inside

If you're scared to touch somebody
You got to tell them now baby
'Cause I don't want to love nobody
Scared to show my heart

In the heart in the heart I want to know right now if your heart is stoned
And you'd rather be left alone
If that cold look's in your eyes
There's nothing nothing nothing missing inside

Why don't you open up your mind
And leave all your pain behind
Let the sunshine in your days now
And I-I-I know you'll feel the heat

You got to be somebody baby
Don't you want to be somebody baby
Listen baby
Listen baby
Listen baby
Listen baby