"End Of The Summer" lyrics - THEORY OF A DEADMAN

"End Of The Summer"

Here we are at the end
Say goodbye to all your friends
Here we go waching the sun go round
Sitting on a rooftop making time stop
I never want to come back down never want to come down

It's the end of the summer
It's the end of it all
Those days are gone its over now were moving on
It's the end of the summer
But we'll see it all again
So hold on to this moment till then
It's the end of the summer

Here we stand in the middle of an empty street
Tell me where you want to go
I'll tell you thats where I want to be
Say goodbye to the warm breeze
We could be almost anywhere
I'll miss you till the next time
I hope I see you there
I hope I see you back here


Rides almost over
It's getting colder
Take one last look
Before it passes by before it passes you by

[Chorus 2x]

End of the summer