"The Mother Lode" lyrics - THOM YORKE

"The Mother Lode"

And now the clown jumps off the ladder
A shallow pool but it doesn't matter
The way it goes, the way it goes
It's running through barriers and hedgerows
Hollow men, hollow hand puppets
Where's the applause when you need it?

Baseball bats, somersaults and backflips
I had a wish some things should be different
The mother lode, the mother lode
Hollow men, hollow hand puppets
I'm a clown, you don't wanna know me
The knife behind the curtain, your truth is ordinary

You can't see your way out of this one
He makes a joke but nobody listens
At least he doesn't worry
The last of all his courage
Press the button for a free ticket
Here it goes, hits the ground running