"The Dream Belongs To Me" lyrics - TIM BUCKLEY

"The Dream Belongs To Me"

I had a love affair
With a cross eyed flamingo
And every morning
She'd met me by the rail
On her wings
She would take me
Up to the sun
Sailing on he breezes
Singing you you belong to me
You belong to me
Just as long as there's a pearl in the sea
Your sweet love belongs to me
Until one morning
The river was frozen
And my flamingo float away
Then I heard the river saying
She has gone to bear your baby
You have been chosen
By the great
To be mated with this cross eyed flamigo
With you newborn wings
Your dreams will carry in his heart
Your love will flow on
Forever you belong to me
Just as long as there' a pearl in the sea
This dream belongs to me