"Give Me Back My Sight" lyrics - TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT

"Give Me Back My Sight"

See the sunlight slipping in
Through my window once again
Now another day begins
And I rise with you

As the hours drift away
In my own world I tend to stay
And I forget to say
So many things to you

How can I tell you all that I feel
Every day of my life
My love is fearless, my love is real
So if I take you for granted
Give me back my sight

Time is precious this I know
But I don't always treat it so
Sometimes I don't let you grow
Sometimes I'm blind

So take a good long look at me
Tell me what it is you see
Do you still long to be
Here by my side?

You are my passion, lovely & true
Every day of your life
No one could ever replace you
So if I take you for granted,
Give me back my sight

Love is fragile, love is warm
Love can pass through any storm
Just as long as we hold on
We'll make it through

I won't take you for granted
My love is true.