"Time That It Would Take" lyrics - TOBY KEITH

"Time That It Would Take"
(Toby Keith / Bobby Pinson)

Forget about my crazy days
Forget about my checkered past
What's all this interrogatin'?
Baby, forget about that
You don't want to ask no questions
You don't know the answers to
You might wish that I was lying
Once you heard the brutal truth
I can think a thousand things that I'd rather do with you

In the time it would take me to explain the way I am
Honey, I could be well on my way to being your new man
We could waste the day away digging up my buried bones
Or you cold turn it up and shake it, shake it all night long
I could rationalize and apologize and justify my way right in your door
But in the time it would take me to tell you where I've been
Honey, I could take you places you ain't never been before

Come on girl, now don't you judge me
Come on girl, cut me some slack
Once I get you where I'm going baby, you'll come on back
You and me are gas and matches
You and me could take this town
Light it up and get her smokin'
You and me could burn it down
Or you could get all hung up on
How much I've been around