TOBY KEITH lyrics - We Were In Love

"We Were In Love"
(Chuck Cannon / Allen Shamblin)

If I could invent a time machine
Baby we'd both be seventeen
Cruising in my first car
Acting like movie stars on Friday night
Do you remember those Friday nights

When we were a rock ready to roll
And there was a fire down in our soul
When all the whole world had to stand still
Then turn around us, 'cause that was the deal
And oh how those nights went flowing like wine
When I was all yours and you were all mine
And we were in love, yeah we were in love

I can still see you when I sleep

And there is a picture I still keep
Of you with your hair in the wind
And me with that crazy grin
Under a summer sky
When dreams were too young to die


I know, I know it sounds crazy
But baby, you're still the one
So let's find a way to bring back the days
When our hearts were forever young