"Windy City Anne" lyrics - TOM T. HALL

"Windy City Anne"

Chicago gets along so well without me though I'd go to Indiana for a while
The wind comes off the lakes so cold it freezes Chicago didn't try to make me smile
She told me that she was a Spanish gypsy
A black band round her neck to prove her race
She said she'd like to do some drinking with me
But the dishes were all dirty at her place
I'd like to know and understand your people but I can't meet 'em all you understand
All I really know about Chicago is what I learned from Windy City Anne


I guess she taught me some about Chicago
There were lines of discontent there in her face
For what she helped me know about Chicago I helped her do the dishes at her place
The sounds of old Chicago through the windows
I gathered up my thoughts to meet the day
I stayed and helped her dirty up the dishes rememberin' I found them all that way
I'd like to know and understand...


The bus pulled out to Fort Wayne Indiana Chicago slowly faded out of sight
I suppose the people are just people it was just another Windy City night
I'd like to know and understand...
Now I learned a lot from Windy City Ann