"Aspen Colorado" lyrics - TONY JOE WHITE

"Aspen Colorado"

I was born into a simple life
Didn't take much to satisfy me
Then there came a time in autumn
I had to leave

Tried to get a job in Alabama
But the man said he didn't need no one today
I made my way down to Memphis
And stayed a few days

Got a letter from my Momma
She said "Boy won't you try to come home
Your Daddy said he'd give you all the land
For your own, come on home"

But there comes a time in everybody's life
When you have to search for peace of mind
I might go to Aspen, Colorado
And spend some time I hear it's fine

When the leaves of autumn start to turnin'
And one falls softly to the ground
I have thoughts of other places
Some new town to be found