"Nautical Twilight" lyrics - TORI AMOS

"Nautical Twilight"

As the day gave way
To Nautical Twilight
I turned my back on
The force of which I knew
I abandoned it
Rupturing a delicate balance
When I left my world for his
Day after day
As my city fades
And is swallowed by his sea
And She is boundless
Even breaking on the beach
Every alchemist
Knows fusion and fission
Can unify or drive a force to split
He has been possessed
To drink of the spices
From the east by
His liquid mistress
Which then pushed me into the lair
Of Uranium
She divides time between Greed
And his twin Tyranny
Day after day
Cities are betrayed
And the earthy sons lay their blame
And She is boundless
But by then she has been frayed
As the night gives way
To Nautical Dawn
I can see I must activate
The force of which I am made