"My Heaven" lyrics - TRACE ADKINS

"My Heaven"
(Chris Wallin)

Everybody has their own idea of heaven
What kind of paradise they'll see
Pearly gates, streets of gold
No gettin' sick, or growin' old
Sounds like a beautiful place to be
But as for me

[Chorus 1:]
My heaven is a wood frame house with a great big porch goin' all the way around
Sittin' on the swing listenin' to the sound of the birds singin'
My heaven is a warm summer day in the backyard, while the kids all play
Flies and mosquitoes stay away, while we're eatin' watermelon

That's my heaven

You're always gonna find a few non-believers
Those who stay lost in the dark
But I believe there is a place, full of light 'n love and grace
And I don't believe that it's all that far, in my heart

[Chorus 2:]
My heaven is a cell phone ring
While I'm at work, and the only thing, that you have to say
Is you miss me and get home in a hurry
My heaven is the very worst day that I spent with you
When you were so mad but I still knew
Nobody would leave 'cause that don't happen

[Chorus 3:]
My heaven is where I am now on the front porch of the wood frame house
Swingin' with you just lookin' around at all I've been given, and this life I'm livin'

It's my heaven

My heaven
My heaven