"Guilt Trip" lyrics - TRACY LAWRENCE

"Guilt Trip"
(Tony Haselden / Tim Mensy)

Don't need no atlas, where I'm going ain't up to me
I'm just a passenger riding with an old memory
I can stay in my pajamas, lay here on the couch alone
I won't need my keys, ain't gonna be
Leavin the comforts of my own home

'Cause I'm going on a guilt trip
Draggin all the baggage she left behind
Going on a guilt trip
My heart's at the wheel and it's driving me out of my mind
We're making record time

I'm going on a guilt trip

I never know when I'm leaving or when I'll be coming back
I might go any time, a guilty conscience is always packed
Just because you're looking at me
Don't assume that I'm all there
In the blink of an eye, I'll go back in time and
I can leave from anywhere

I'm going, yeah, on a guilt trip