"Try Me" lyrics - TRISHA YEARWOOD

"Try Me"
(Liz Rose)

You don't think you can
Find true love again
Won't you try me
There's somebody somewhere
That you can't forget
So you're not free
But I don't believe you believe
You could ever get by me
Maybe I could undo
All the hurt you've been through
Try me
Try me
Try me

You've got no right
To deny me a fight
Till you try me
It could be all wrong
But it could be all right
So why don't we
You need a way
To forget yesterday
Well that's easy
If a little heartache
Is what you need to shake
Try me
Try me
Try me

Come on now
You got nothing to lose
A lifetime of loneliness
What does that prove
When you count up the odds
There's still no guarantee
Try me
Try me
Try me

When you go to sleep
And you can't find a dream
Won't you try me
A place you can whisper
The secrets you keep
That's what I'll be
And when you've given up
And there's no one to trust
Come and find me
Then maybe you could
Leave lonely for good
Try me
Try me
Try me

Try me
Try me
Try me