"All That Before" lyrics - VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR

"All That Before"

I don't know if I'm cracking up or just getting careless....
Is this room quite airless?
Just a minute - listen,
Did you hear that knock on the door?

I'm going to have to write things down before I forget them.
I can't find my glasses, I don't know where I left them
So I can't expect to get much on the visionary score,
Or did I say all that before?

Oh, stop me if you've heard this one before I get started.
I can't find my mobile and I didn't charge it,
It's a phantom target,
If I call myself I'll only get my Voicemail once more.

I wish that I could pin things down before they escaped me.
I can't find my car keys and it seems that lately
I have trouble even fitting them into the front door...
Or did I say all that before?
Oh, stop me if I'm banging on trying to grab your attention.
I forget to mention I can't find my glasses
But I think I bent them when I dropped them
As I scrabbled for my phone on the floor.

It seems I can't, I can't remember,
I can't remember what I'm doing.

Although I flash that foolish grin
That seemed so winning when I came in
I'm beginning to see everyhting we've been
Is going to be forgotten.

It's not a joke,
Or did I say that all before I spoke?
It's not a joke,
Or did I say all that before I spoke?

I can't find myself, what I'm looking for,
And I've lost the thread
Of what I said before.