"A Foggy Day" lyrics - VAN MORRISON

"A Foggy Day"

A foggy day
Down in London town
Had me down
I viewed the morning with too much alarm
Trafalgar Square had lost its charm
How long I wondered
Could this thing last

But the age of miracles
Had not passed
For suddenly the sun of smile
Loosened and did lift

Well in foggy London town, the sun kept shinin'
(Yeah baby)
Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere


Well, foggy day
In London town
Had me feelin' low
Baby, I was feelin' so down

That I viewed the mornin'
Viewed the mornin' with alarm (whistle)
The British Museum
British Museum seemed to lose all its charm
For so long I wondered
Will the sun last?
For the age of miracles
Thank God hadn't passed, man
Then I saw babe, I saw you standin' right there
In foggy London town, the sun kept shinin'

And the nightingale sang
In Berkeley Square
Nightingale Singin'
Berkeley Square
Nightingale Sang
In Berkeley Square

Oh, foggy day