"Don't Burn The Witch" lyrics - VENOM

"Don't Burn The Witch"

The witches brew a pot of hate
With lizard, but and man
With a smile they laugh their spells
Astir with wretched hand
Calling demons baphomet
And Mephistopheles
The tattered firyres cackle
As their mortal victims bleed

Don't burn the witch
The ways of hell aren't wrong
Don't burn the witch
Let them brew their song

The witches of the blackened arts
Are cunning, cruel and mean
Persecuted by religion
God the man unseen
Beastial malevolence
Is chartered in their bones
Leave the unreal house of God
And burn in hell at home


Eye of lizard
Wing of bat
Testicle of man
Tongue of eagle
Brain of rat
Jesus Christ's left hand

The witches make the voodoo doll
A toy taboo in heaven
They dance around the pentagram
In search of rape by Satan
Leave the heart and blood of men
In cauldrons laced in sin
Add the arsenic, hemlock, pus
Triumph takes the wings