"Bitchery Bay" lyrics - VOODOOCULT

"Bitchery Bay"

Here where the bitches grow on trees
This is where the world was built
Baran muenchhausen in rubenesque castles
Ordinary beauties of rubenesque architecture
Welcome to paradise bay
This is bitchery bay - bitchery bay!

Skinny sweettolate babies
Lying on piles of princes of
I enter the black forest
My seeds dance with flamingos
Being eaten, beaten - their time is now

Give it to the best
Give it to the beast
Feed the fish, feed the enemy.
I will love you now
'Til the very end
When you loose your nutraburner-skinny
Pup! I warned! pulp!
And ever time I end up at the
Bitchery bay!
Where the bitches grow on trees