"It Really Doesn't Matter" lyrics - WE FIVE

"It Really Doesn't Matter"

Late afternoons turning shadows, streets flicker on
There's a chill, the breezy sunsets, people homeward bound

But it really doesn't matter, couldn't interest me
There's a world going by me that I can't see with your face on my mind
Your taking all my time
Within a chase (chase that's taking everyone away) that's going nowhere
Taking everyone even me behind

Day crowds have grown now, ooo
City starts to pour inside
Places filled with faces (faces) of people
People I don't know

But it really doesn't matter that much to me
Faces changing rearranging what they seem to be
So little sense of much of anything they do (to you)

Night's coming on now
Leaving me alone
It's been too long since I met you
Who had ever known?

But it really doesn't matter that much (doesn't matter now knowing) to me
You run along with friends yesterday
No, I never call your name
You never once complained

There's little sense in much of anything we do
I'm still in love with you