"Hearts Aside Our Horses" lyrics - WHILE SHE SLEEPS

"Hearts Aside Our Horses"

I'll hold your presence, your gift and your grace
Forever remembered, for never replaced
You paved the paths, the roads I take
You are the lessons learnt from my mistakes
Your tools and your trophies will never rust
Your ashes shine golden like jewels in the dust

Remember when we rode with horses

I can only persevere your past aside my promise
Your gift in guidance
And I will hold my own, if you leave me strong enough

I will hold my own if you ever leave me strong enough
I will bear the shield you left above my head

I will never forget this
I can only protect what you gave to me

If we could have our time again
Hearts aside our horses
A father and a friend, an honour

You were the answers
And I can always see safety in stone

I know that you were the answer
I hope that you can hear me

And I will carry your legacy and finish this
So sleep tight knowing your missed
I hope you know your missed