"Modern Minds" lyrics - WHILE SHE SLEEPS

"Modern Minds"

We'll choose our lives with blind intent
Haunt ourselves with fears of change
Struggle, save, watch time repeat
Let them treat our innocence
Take our freedom, take our rights teach us how to conquer life
By the book, by guiding light
Within the lines of modern minds
Too many misery victims born and raised
Drip feed the casualties turn it off turn it off
Fuck the company no faith no faith no faith in me
There's no time to waste, landmines in the graves
Holding on to youth, refuse
And all you wanna know is, where we go in the end
Transfixed, dope sick, time to waste
And how do we get out of this hell that we live
My hatred's pulling me in
Don't give up, give up, give up on yourself
Brainwashed like everyone else
Don't bottle your dreams hide them away
Cold future, no escape
Don't speak knives at what our future could be