"Satisfied In Suffering" lyrics - WHILE SHE SLEEPS

"Satisfied In Suffering"

What a life, what a fucking war
I left my greed outside, Hung my hopes at the door
No religion means no wishing on nothing, never a broken promise
No hope for the hopeful, Let's give it all and take it back from the masses
Let their guilt take a seat with their sadness
We're all better off, it's clear in the dust. We're not giving this up
I lay my head in the gutter where the sinister rest
I find faith in sickness and death
Hold me down keep me bottled up, we're strong enough
If you're sick of feeling useless, sick enough to do this
If honesty gets the better of me, I'm satisfied in suffering
If you hate the hand you hold, but you hate to be alone
Stop blaming the sadness you gave in to
We've been burdened all along
When all that you have is all that you'll ever know. Are you living?
This is from the bottom I don't want to admit
But I can see the safety in admitting defeat
This is not a problem or a promise I'll break
It's just another ghost I know I'll never erase
I see the safety in giving this up, I see the safety but it's never enough