"Midnight Blue (2020 Remix)" lyrics - WHITESNAKE

"Midnight Blue (2020 Remix)"

In the cold light of the morning
I watch the sunrise slowly dawning
I close me eyes and I see you there
And the silence takes my breath away
I can't stand to face another day

In the evening when the sun goes down
I reach out for you but you're not around
You colour my world midnight blue
So what's a man like me to do
With all the love I feel for you?

Come and take me midnight blue
Here I am I'm waiting for you
When I'm troubled and all alone
You shine down on me
When I need sympathy sympathy

Under streetlights I walk alone
Hiding in shadows from dusk till dawn
The taste of your perfume on the cold night air
Leaves a sadness hanging over me
The thought of you won't let me be