"Women Who Love Too Much" lyrics - WILLIE NELSON

"Women Who Love Too Much"

She thinks if she just holds on he will get it back together
On his good days he's a good man and he fills up all her dreams
On his bad days he's the devil and it's hell to stand beside him
But she thinks if she will love him life will be what once it seemed
Women who love too much burning fires they have to touch
Give until there's nothing left to give use up life to help men live
Women who love too much just can't leave the dark alone
Fall in love with the unknown they will go until they're gone

He knows he loves too little and he takes her in his knowing
On the bad days when he needs her she's the best hope that he's had
And he knows that he's the weak one and he doesn't want to know it
And he holds on to her loving though he knows it's all so sad
Women who love too much...
Women who love too much...