"None Buried Deeper..." lyrics - WITCHERY

"None Buried Deeper..."

A rainy day
The hole is dug through mud and clay
Clergymen huddle close around
Inspect the work with determined frowns

On the edge of the cemetary
Underneath the old oak tree
Lies a grave that few have seen
None buried deeper!

They bring out the casket
No fancy thing just something to house it
Many men share the heavy weight
For their part to end they just can't wait


With ill concealed eager the coffin is lowered
Deeper into the ground than any before her
Silver chains wrap this horrid vessel
Secure it's future as forever dormant as forever dormant

Darkness falls
Thunder calls
Sands of time
Embrace this shrine

They fill the grave
Secluded by earth it lay
Pack the dirt up to the rim
Forget now this place have ever been

Entombed at last
Cover the traces and rest from the task
Phrases in latin are read from the scriptures
For a headless grave with denied existence