"Nosferatu" lyrics - WITCHERY


From a sleep to a slumber, now wide awake
Hear it whisper at your door
Now back from the brink of extinction
Eradicated no more

In the hall of the kings once mighty
Impotence and ignorance
A tendency for negligence

Pitchforks brandished in an age of distrust
Let the sands drink the blood
Fear of the plague makes hostility just
Dance around the golden calf

Resurrect the undead for the battle
A million move as one
It has just begun

See evil walk
See evil talk
See evil rule

Behold the sun set instead of rising
Addiction spreads for the easy way out
Fires lit, sets the stage for the rally
Hang the noose around your throat

One step from here to the unknown
Indifference and assumption
A recipe for corruption

[Chorus 2x]

Failing in relevancy
Embrace your soon corpse to be
You'll be an accessory accomplice to a mass degree
Oblivion, welcome me

[Chorus 2x]