"No Deal" lyrics - YEAT

"No Deal"
feat. Jurp

Keep it real, no

Why can't you just keep it real
Can't you just tell me the deal?
No, I didn't sign no deal
Why you so nervous now?
Do it with a purpose now?
I know they irking now
My bitch rich, yeah, she got a Birkin now

[Verse 1: YEAT]
Now they hate on me, fly
Yeah, I pour up this lean, get high
Yeah, your girl? What do you mean?
I don't bat a eye
Yeah, she act just like a fiend, yeah, I'm getting right
Yeah, they left me out for dead
I can't seem to get out my head
I know you been talking that shit but can't seem to get fed
I can't trust, I can't trust myself, can't trust these drugs
I had to cut off all the fakes, yeah, trust myself, I'm ready to go up

[Verse 2: Jurp]