"Pit Stop (Interlude)" lyrics - YEAT

"Pit Stop (Interlude)"

[Intro: ?]
You know what I'm talkin' bout, I don't- I don't know what I'm talkin bout, fuck it
That's like pit stop, you know

I'm so high, got me sick
I'm so high, got me sick
So high it got me sick (Yeah)
You know I just want [?]
The percs, some alcohol
The fucking weed, with the lean, with the, hell you need?
It's a drug party, bring your friends inside here
Maybe its too much information
Maybe its too much that I'm spacin'
Maybe its too much that I don't think right
Maybe should I ever just stop at the green light
Is this life? am I living right?
Should I put a new [?] in my sprite tonight
Its the problems in my head, I won't lie
Why the fuck so many damn questions, man, I don't even know why
Am I really that special? Am I really that one of a kind?

Em deen uoy taht yas ll'uoy taht retfa dna yek a dnif tsrif ll'uoy
Yek a dnif ll'uoy tsrif tub
Em rof gnillaf uoy wonk I
[?],ees I smelborp eht lla wonk uoy
Em htiw evol ni llef yeht taht dias snomed ym dna
Em raeh uoy dias reve uoy ecno