"Everytime I Dream" lyrics - YUSUF ISLAM

"Everytime I Dream"

Everytime I dream, I keep seeing
Streets and alleyways;
Places that I've never known
Everytime I dream, I am being
Lifted to a height
That I'm too frightened to go
Then I wake up and find
Everything's the way it seemed -
One night ago

Everytime I sleep I keep hoping
This'll be the night
Of nights that I see you again
As I close my eyes, like crimson curtains
Slowly rising - on an empty stage
Then I'm back in the stalls
Sitting all alone
Waiting for the show to begin

Everytime I dream I would often
Find myself a'runnin
From a wild pack o' lies
Till I reach a house and I hear
The Judge upstairs
And look for a place to hide
But if I saw you there
I wouldn't dare dream again
Of opening my eyes