"Every Little Bit" lyrics - ZAC BROWN BAND

"Every Little Bit"

You come walking in to the room with a smile on your face
And I keep wondering what a girl like you is doing in this place
I catch your eye, you're looking at me and I spill my drink
From over here, that smile on your face it makes me think

Can you make me want to be a better man?
You got to have strength to bring me back from where it is I've been
Can you make me want to be a better man?
Because I'm going to need every little bit of your love
(Every little bit, every little bit, every little bit of your love)

Last time I held a woman in my arms this tight
I thought she was anything and everything I'd ever really need in my life
But just like every other woman, she couldn't handle my foolish ways
And if you're looking for a lover, there's a few things I have to say


Coming down, yeah, she covers me
Every bit of a lady
And casting down my anxiety
My, oh my, isn't she lovely?