"The Muse" lyrics - ZAC BROWN BAND

"The Muse"

As I sit on the edge of this never made bed
Old guitar in my lap, a new tune in my head
There she stands in the doorway just brushing her hair
It's my beautiful muse in her underwear

And if I was thinking I'd be thinking, thank God wherever you are
For the muse and this old guitar
It's times like these, so sweet and so true
Thinking is the last thing that you want to do

As I sit on the edge of this dirty old bar
Trying to work some things out without getting too far
And to drown out the voices that are keeping me down
There's a muse all alone on the other side of town


As I sit on the bed of this hospital room
Just shedding a tear for the bride and groom
And the tiny [?] voice starts to bellow and cry
It's my finest work yet, if the day I should die