"Neverending Saga" lyrics - 7L & ESOTERIC

"Neverending Saga"
(7L & Esoteric)

J Zone, Esoteric, The saga continues

What is all this?
If there is a bottom line to this you better get to it buddy

Back when St. Johns was the Redmen
I was causing bedlam
You was runnin' with cornbread the style?, Heed these words
I ain't no Dennis Johnson, Don't feed no birds
I just, (rip) the track
Come to grips with the fact you ain't grip no gat
Motherfuckers better sumo wrestle if they say they flip that crack
I, sip that Yak
I, talk like a m-? that get cats a black eye
Try and test, Seamus rhymes best
Decked out like