"Forever Yours" lyrics - ANGELS OF LIGHT

"Forever Yours"

Rise from the river
Rise up in your grave
Rise up in your prison cell
Rise up inside your rage
Release your hatred
And release your grief
Give them to me

Hide your face from the camera
Hide your skin beneath my touch
Close the door to your bedroom
Close the eyes I love to watch
Show us the reason revenge is the key
Then take it out on me

Now the yellow lights still burning deep
Beneath your warm red sea
Still silent in a soft black robe
Your naked body kneels
So hold me beneath the river
That is flooded with the pain
Then drown me

I am just your servant
That wallows in your muck
No god will not replenish
The life or joy I took
I am the handsome angel
And I'll give my love
There's no cure

So rise up for the slaughter
Rise up from your muddy lake
Rise up with your arms stretched out
And hold me while I bathe
My mouth it tastes like sugar
Kisses on my skull
Now let me go

And I'll be
Forever yours