"Song For My Father" lyrics - ANGELS OF LIGHT

"Song For My Father"

When the warm wind blows
Through the corridors and tiled walls
There you are
The mad guardian of your empty room
Your memories were tortured
By the scent of ocean through the halls
And where was I
The one that you loved best?

Now show me how
To hold the knife that cuts the page
To crucify the weakness
And the guilt I use for faking strength
Now I remember
I crawled naked across the broken stage
And there was I
The child that brought us shame

So walk across
The blood red ocean
Stand above
The broken glass and concrete towers
And here I sleep
Some guardian of my empty room
Now I've become the child
That neither of us knew

Jetzt kannst du schlafen
Jetzt kannst du immer ruhig traumen

Thank god you never knew
The things that I've done
Thank god you never saw
The person I've become