"My Suicide" lyrics - ANGELS OF LIGHT

"My Suicide"

Cut the eyes out of my head
Tear my tongue out if I speak, if I speak
Raise up your camera razor lights
Feed the evil and the weak, feed the weak

[Chorus 1:]
Hear me now
My tongue is in your ear
The center of your body
Is the place I hide the fear of loss
Of suicide

Suck the hatred from my mouth
Raise the dead man that you found, that you found
Silver black mud in my lungs
Leave me down here wasted with the useless and the stone

[Chorus 2:]
Leave me now
As I choke and writhe
But feel my body stuck
Upon the dull and silent knife
Of my suicide

Remove my face from in the mirror
Sift my hair into the fire
Mock me for the suffering I fake
Leave me naked on the carpet, leave my drunken body splayed

[Chorus 3:]
See me now
My broken fingers search your mouth
For the drugged and senseless words
That are seducing me back home
Into my suicide

I hate you all for what I've done
I hate you for the texture and the color of your skin
I hate your whispered breath upon my neck
I hate you for your love and I hate you for your sex

[Chorus 4]
Feel me now
I'm growing in your insides
The warm feelings that you bring
Contain the seeds now flowering
Into my suicide