"Public Embarrassment Blues" lyrics - ANGELS OF LIGHT

"Public Embarrassment Blues"

Bring your silver arrows
Bring your tender and scented white breast
Bring the coldest blue eyes in this world
Bring the taste of liquor and cigarettes
Bring your voice that cracks and glitters
Bring the love I'm pathetic to crave
Bring me one more night long and bitter
Bring me the face of the woman I hate
Then put on your clothes and go home...
Just leave me alone...

This bed was warmed by your shadow
And my fingers still trace the lines where we layed
Now my thinking's distorted and is shallow
Twisting the knife in the idiot face of my rage
Bring your torn and scattered pictures
Bring the sweat and the stink of your love
Bring the whispering words I thought that I heard
Bring me the wound with no healing or cause...
Bring me the tongue that you put in my mouth
And bring the pain and the junk in my lungs
Tell me you love me but not very much...
Don't bother with reasons, just go...
Just leave me alone...