"On The Mountain" lyrics - ANGELS OF LIGHT

"On The Mountain"

Let the wind wear away
Words cut into stone
Let it clear what remains
Let it scatter their bones

Let there be you
Walking a line on the plain
Let it be you
Getting up again and again

There you contain
All that you have replaced
Without judgment or fear
With no intention left to waste

Just let it be you
Through the strength and the pain of rejoice
Just let it be you
Tracking the years down through your voice

Deep and loud
Clear and true
Let it be you

And your lover she cried
To see you there on the farm
Spinning again, defeated
Still abused and still a boy
But I'm annoyed and ashamed
At the sound of your tenor voice
Winding through you from someplace else
Some place where you never had a single choice

So let it be you
That comes through this town with a sword
Let it be you
That levels the rich and lies down with the poor
Let it be you
That draws a clear line back through time
Let it be you
Who when beaten will always rise
Let it be you
Who will comfort us that need
It is just you
That is remembered and known by me

With love, goodbye
If a man could never die
Then let it be you