"Purple Creek" lyrics - ANGELS OF LIGHT

"Purple Creek"

Born to waste our time
Dipping in blue ponds
Let the others come
Swim them through our world

Born to waste our time
Watching from your room
Happiness has come
Oh, burn your yellow spoon

I know someone who is waiting for us
Down in the gully filtering the mud
And I know a creature whose intentions are insane
Down in purple creek

Mosquitoes sing him praise
Mosquitoes lift his beard
Mosquitoes nest his eyes
Mosquito fingers in his brain
Mosquito message in his veins

One drop of golden sunlight is resting on your cheek
Drifting down, dissolving the stardust on your teeth
Where did you come from and where have you been
Just here to waste my time down here in purple creek

I know a picture where a girl she lies supine
With a lantern in her hand and golden leaves behind
And I know a tract where every house is new
Inside a back room, a wilting woman waits for you

Hallucinating happiness
Singing sailor's songs
Filling glass (spittoons?)
Howling at a crusting moon
Hoping you'll come soon
Come home to purple creek
Come home to purple creek
Come home to purple creek
Come home to purple creek